Town halls and company-wide discussions are great for everyone in your organization to get together at the same time. During the meeting everyone can share important business updates, strategy decisions, big customer wins and progress toward goals. 

But with COVID-19 more employees are working remotely, and it may seem impossible to get all of your staff together in the same place. With video conferencing it makes it relatively easy to host and run virtual meetings. Additionally, virtual meetings give you the ability to easily share content and interact with the audience in a new way. Until offices are able to reopen in the United States, virtual meetings are more important than ever. 


Some research has shown that employees disengage at work when they don’t feel needed or if they don’t connect with the organization. Productive virtual meetings allow employees to hear directly from leaders to understand better how their roles contribute to the success of the company.

  1. Celebrate the winners – Whether a shout-out from a colleague, a quarterly reward, or an acknowledgement for exhibiting company values. Employee recognition is an effective way to engage employees and reinforce that every person’s contributions are valued and appreciated. 
  2. Kick off a two-way conversation with ice breakers – Because these meetings are more extensive, typically, you should find an efficient way to allow participation during the session. Consider sending out the meeting agenda ahead of time so people come to the meeting prepared, do a quick icebreaker at the beginning to set the mood, and then conduct quick polls to get feedback.
  3. Check your tech – One of the quickest ways to ruin a virtual meeting is to have technical difficulties or not know how to use some of the features. Before you start the meeting, make sure that your video and audio are working, you know how to screen share, and you have enough bandwidth to hot or join the video call.
  4. Make it easy for everyone to join the video meeting – While some employees are working from the office others might be working remotely. You will need a video conferencing solution that allows all employees to easily access the meeting.


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