During the pandemic of 2020, many offices chose to allow workers to do their jobs remotely. In fact, 45% of respondents to a survey about remote work in 2021 indicated they worked from home due to COVID-19. However, with offices opening back up, many employers will still allow some workers to remain at home, at least part of the time. To collaborate with those at the office and away, conference rooms with upgraded AV systems will become even more critical.

The Problems with Individual Computer Meetings

Everyone remembers trying to log into remote meetings with each person on their own computer. Spotty internet connections, slow systems, and distractions often made meetings difficult to follow. When trying to communicate remotely, the audio of individual computer speakers or headphones could determine how much of the meeting the participant heard. Poor audio quality could reduce the effectiveness of the meeting, making it a waste of time for the participant who could not hear clearly.

A Solution for Meetings in Hybrid Offices

Therefore, when creating a hybrid office, those at the office should continue to meet in person in conference rooms to discuss matters face-to-face. This method eliminates technological issues.

However, to ensure that everyone can participate, remote workers should still be able to teleconference. Having quality AV systems in the conference rooms means better microphones and speakers to improve sound clarity. Better sound from microphones means people can be heard when they speak from the conference room. Plus, quality speakers ensure that everyone in the room can clearly hear those participating from their computers.

Video components are also crucial for ensuring that images used in meetings are visible and clearly seen by everyone. When talking to others virtually, clearer video quality can create a better connection with the person on the screen.

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Remote working may be a permanent state for some employees while others return to their offices. Consequently, many places will require hybrid conferencing with workers in the same room meeting with those working remotely. To prevent time-wasting problems encountered during remote meetings when everyone used their own computers, improve your conference room AV systems now. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for our commercial services to create a better, more productive meeting space for your hybrid office.







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