You spend time and money investing in your business, but you could easily face a severe setback from theft or vandalism. Additionally, accidents at your business may require video evidence to back up claims of the injured. You cannot keep up operations for long without some type of business security system. By investing in a security option, you will be able to prevent problems and recover losses.

Loss Prevention from Theft

Theft can occur during or after business hours. Types of theft include burglary when someone breaks in, employee theft from workers stealing on their shifts, and robbery from criminals stealing from people. In a survey from a commercial insurer, 8.8% of small businesses reported thefts or burglaries. While often insured, the covered amount may not pay for the entire loss. Plus, business owners may feel vulnerable to future incidents or upset that the perpetrators didn’t get caught.

Having the theft on video from a high-tech business security system can give the police information to find the suspect and provide evidence of the crime when filing an insurance claim.

Loss Prevention from Fraud

While no one wants an accident at their business, fraudulent incidents are even worse. Without verifiable video evidence to show that fraud occurred, your company’s insurance may have to pay out the expenses, which leaves you with higher premiums. Security cameras can spot the events leading up to an accident to help your insurance determine whether you were actually liable for the incident.

Loss Prevention from Employee Theft

You may want to trust all your employees. However, according to the California Restaurant Association, 95% of businesses have workers steal from them. Keeping an eye on your employees and letting them know that they are constantly under security surveillance may help to prevent this type of costly theft.

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