Despite the rise in remote work, conference space for in-person collaboration remains essential for keeping employees connected. In fact, meeting rooms can become important components of the new hybrid office that brings together in-office and remote workers. Among company leaders surveyed in 2020, 66% reported thinking about updating their offices for hybrid work. If you find yourself in this group, an easy place to start is by upgrading your conference room.

The Importance of a Huddle Space in Your Conference Room

Your workers still need to collaborate on projects. Brainstorming requires interactive efforts. The more interaction among participants, the more productive the sessions can be. Individuals who produce an idea can have it improved upon by others in the group. Ideas that do not have initial popularity may evolve through group discussion into more feasible plans.

Plus, the ability to talk to coworkers during the interactions can promote valuable team building, which is difficult to do with hybrid offices. Even if some of your workers don’t come to the office daily, they can still be part of meetings through conference room huddles that use video meetings and collaboration among those in the office.

Upgrade Audio and Video for Hybrid Meetings

To make conference rooms better for huddles with remote and in-office workers, you need to upgrade the audio and video for the room. Poor quality AV equipment wastes meeting time when people cannot hear each other or be heard. HD video ensures that all images are clearly seen by everyone. High quality audio provides crystal clear sound for those in the conference room and those calling in remotely.

Encourage Collaboration from Anywhere with Your New Conference Space

High quality AV equipment in your meeting room encourages collaboration among all workers, regardless of their location. However, for those who work from the office, they should still have a place to meet in person, which is why your conference space is still essential in the era of hybrid offices and remote meetings.

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