Upgrade your restaurant with digital menu displays. You’ll improve sales and make your managers’ lives easier because they don’t have to manually change menus as your restaurant switches from breakfast to lunch or from lunch to dinner offerings. Find out more about the benefits of including digital menus and how you can see a return on your investment in this technology.

Show Specials at a Moment’s Notice

You don’t have to wait for posters to get printed when you want to showcase special deals, meal options, or events. Simply upload the images of the items and information onto the digital menu displays. You can also choose which displays to have the specials on them, so you don’t need to sacrifice screens outlining menu offerings to show off special deals.

Reduce Time Needed to Change the Menu

With digital displays, you control the content from a computer or tablet. Therefore, changing the displays is simple and requires much less time than replacing posters or stacks of paper menus. If you have static menus written on boards, someone needs to rewrite the information those when prices shift or menu options change. With digital menus, no one has to climb a ladder to make changes to the menu data.

Influence Customers to Try New Items

Digital menu displays have a strong influence on customers. In fact, customers carefully look over the digital displays and nearly 30% report the information on those menus as influencing their choices. If you want to get customers to try a new item or promote a high-profit option, use the digital displays to your advantage.

Increase Sales

On average, the sales of restaurants that integrate digital menus increase up to 5%. This rise in sales will eventually produce a return on your investment in the new menus. Depending on your current sales, the amount of increase you could see in dollars could be in the range of tens of thousands or more.

Get Professional Digital Menu Displays for Your Restaurant from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Getting digital menu displays for your restaurant requires professional consultation to find the right screens and have them correctly installed. The screens should stand up to the rigors of your restaurant’s daily operations and still remain clear and easy to read. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we’re experts in all forms of sound and sight producing equipment for businesses. Let us help you to find the best displays for your menus and install them in your restaurant. You can begin to see the perks once you start using the digital displays.

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