The pandemic struck the travel and hospitality industries hard. However, the final week of 2021 showed a silver lining to the cloud with occupancy rates and per-room revenues both higher than in 2019 for that same week. Take this upward trajectory and leverage it to continue your growth by upgrading your hotel AV system to attract events to your property.

Upgrade Your Hotel AV System in the Conference Room for Corporate Visitors

If you have a meeting room or ballroom that goes unused, upgrading the audio and video systems in the spaces can attract corporate visitors who want to host meetings at your property. Better AV systems allow for clearer sound and video when individuals host meetings that have video components.

Alternatively, participants can connect with each other and remotely access webinars in other locations. This scenario is ideal for corporate training or other events that require collaboration among participants that in-person sessions offer.

Your property cannot benefit from renting out your meeting space for these types of events, though, if your hotel AV system cannot provide clear audio and video. Upgrading can help you to increase this source of revenue for your property.

Improve the AV System in Your Ballroom to Bring in More Events

Your hotel’s ballroom can become a site for wedding receptions, quinceaneras, birthdays, retirement parties, or other events. All these gatherings rely on good audio for music. Plus, some may want to use a microphone to address those in attendance. Video may be a component of some events, too. When you have a high-quality AV system in your ballroom, you never have to turn down events that require such equipment.

Boost the Hotel AV System in Your Lobby and Bar to Offer Premium Relaxation for Guests

Your lobby is another important area of your property to consider for upgraded AV equipment. A clear audio system with soothing music promotes relaxation. While video screens can show local attractions and provide information about your hotel’s amenities.

If your property has a bar or restaurant, you can also show sports events in the dining area and entice locals to stop by your property for dinner and to share the experience of viewing live sports with others. Video quality is essential for these types of events. You want high-definition screens so those in the restaurant or bar can clearly see everything. They should also feel that leaving their home to see sporting events at your property was worth the trip. It will be if you have HD TVs in your bar or restaurant area for event watching.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for the Upgrades Your Hotel AV System Needs to Bring in More Visitors

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