Your commercial security system should get an upgrade from old-school analog video and video tapes to digital cameras and recording methods. With an improved system, you can capture clearer images of events to help with crime reporting, insurance claim requests, and employee protection.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Security System

There are several reasons for upgrading your commercial security system. Crime never goes away, and you will always need a solution for recording events that will offer police as much evidence as possible. Additionally, video evidence can help to support your insurance claims or provide images of people you want to keep away from your property. However, your ability to do these things hinges on the clarity of the video you record. Upgrading your system ensures that you have clear security footage when you need it.

High Crime Rates

While property crimes have been on the decline since 1990, 2020 still saw 6.45 million property crimes in the United States. These include motor vehicle theft, larceny, burglary, and arson. Sadly, in 2020, of the 6.45 million crimes reported, there were only 871,370 arrests made for property crimes. That means that most of the criminals did not get arrested for the offenses. However, if you have camera footage of the crime, you can give police more evidence to help them find and arrest the perpetrators.

Provide Evidence for Insurance Concerns

If you need to make an insurance claim, the company will likely require proof for processing. Video evidence that clearly shows the covered event will provide the requested proof. For instance, if you have property damage, you may need to provide video from your security system to show that the damage did not happen intentionally and was a covered event.

Protect Employees from Irate Customers

A commercial security system with high quality video can also protect your business from those threatening to sue or otherwise damage your reputation. For instance, a customer might attempt to fake an injury or claim a worker struck them. Video of the incident can show what happened from a neutral perspective. Therefore, people cannot falsely accuse your employees because there will be video proof showing otherwise.

Get Commercial Security System Cameras Installed from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Don’t wait until a crime happens in your building or you need video evidence for your insurance company. The best time to upgrade your commercial security system is before you need it. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to start on the process of having high-quality commercial security cameras installed throughout your building.




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