Are you setting up a new conference room or renewing an existing one? If you have simple, solid tables, you could be missing out on providing your employees with the tools they need to become engaged meeting participants. Conference room table flip tops should be part of your meeting space upgrade plans.

What Are Conference Room Table Flip Tops?

Conference room table flip tops provide a means of managing cables of those participating in the meeting while providing them with centralized power and network outlets. Some models also have access to audio and video connections to let participants share their laptop screens with others via the meeting projector. The flip tops hide the outlets in a recessed container under a lid until needed.

Why You Need Flip Tops in the Table

Today, meetings require participants to bring more than paper and pencil. In fact, everyone in the room might have their tablets or laptops running during the meeting to take notes or engage in interactive activities. Therefore, you will need to ensure that everyone has the power necessary to keep their devices running throughout the entire meeting. A dying tablet or notebook battery could cause someone to leave early or to lose focus. Flip tops ensure that each person has access to an outlet and network connection to keep working throughout the meeting.

Types of Flip Tops for Conference Rooms

There are many quality makers of conference room table flip tops. For instance, both Creston and Extron make these devices. Creston calls their line FlipTopv. Extron uses the term Cable Cubby. Both brands are among those that you may consider for your meeting room. Consult with an A/V professional to find the perfect solution for what your conference room and meeting participants need.

Improve Your Meeting Room with Help from the Commercial Services at Experience Audio Video Inc.

Whether you are creating a new conference room or want to integrate better technology into an existing meeting space, trust the commercial division of Experience Audio Video Inc. We will set up your ultimate meeting room for enhanced productivity and focus. Contact us today to start finding out more about our options, including conference room table flip tops and more.





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