Thinking of getting a new projector installed in your conference room? The light sources will make a major difference in your options. Some have almost permanent light sources while others may need regular replacement. Which type of conference room projector is best for your meeting room? Find out more about the various light sources to narrow down the many choices you have for a projector.

Why Are Conference Room Projector Light Sources Important?

The type of light source in your projector makes differences in the model’s longevity and image quality. The operation of the unit is also impacted by the type of light source within the projector. How often your meeting room uses the projector and how long you need it to last will affect your decision about the type of light source inside the projector.

Types of Light Sources

A conference room projector can have one of three main sources of light – bulbs, LED, or lasers. The models that use these light sources also have three main price points that respectively go from lowest to highest for bulbs to lasers.


The first, bulbs are typically metal halide bulbs. These standard lightbulbs produce good enough image quality that they have frequent applications in home theater equipment. Plus, projectors that use bulbs tend to be more economical. The downsides are shorter life spans for the bulb and the heat produced during use. A fan typically cools the unit, but in a quiet room, the fan can become a distraction.


Another type of light source is the light-emitting diode (LED). These projectors don’t generate heat during operation. Therefore, they are quieter since they don’t need cooling fans. They also last much longer than bulb projectors. The only downsides to these projector light sources are their replacement cost and brightness. Older models would not shine as brightly or show colors as vividly as bulbs. Upgrades in technology have allowed LED projectors to perform as well visually as bulb projectors. The replacement cost for bulbs is more expensive, though.


Laser projectors are typically not seen in conference rooms. These extremely bright light sources are most often used for outdoor projectors or very large screens. They tend to cost much more than other types of projectors. However, the light source lasts for the life of the unit.

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