While most employers want to trust their employees, the truth is that many cannot. Whether you put complete trust or not in your staff, you should still take steps to secure your company’s property. Whether you have an office building or a retail store, you need high-quality security cameras to dissuade crime and to find the culprits if your business has experienced theft.

The Problem of Theft in Businesses

Across the country, the statistics of theft in business are serious. In fact, 75% of workers have indicated that at some point they have stolen at least once from their employers. The numbers add up to the millions annually. Therefore, all employers need to have ways to mitigate theft and to ensure that those who do steal experience proper legal consequences. Security cameras placed around the office are one way to do that.

Benefits of Installing Business Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in your business is not just a way to protect your property. It can provide multiple perks, too. For instance, you may reduce your chances of theft, which could lower your insurance rates.

Another benefit is if the camera finds the thief, and the law successfully prosecutes them, you could recover your lost products or money. This can reduce your overall business losses, even if you do experience theft.

Employees may feel safer with cameras keeping an eye on them, especially for those who arrive early or work late and are alone in the building.

In some cases, these cameras can even spot the origins of a fire in your building when the smoke alarms go off, helping you to correct the cause of the fire quickly and prevent future problems.

Types of Cameras for Your Business

Security cameras can record in high-definition or color. They may also have LED lights. While you might think that high-definition color is the best choice for all your security needs, you may not have the storage space to retain footage from the camera.

Cameras that have LED lights embedded in them allow the camera to capture footage in almost total darkness. Hence, these types of cameras are best for dark alleys, hallways, or parking lots.

Ask an experience in commercial security camera installation for the best type of camera to protect your business from theft.

Have Commercial-Grade Security Cameras Installed from Experience Audio Video Inc.

You deserve to keep your assets secure and your employees safe. Security cameras can protect your bottom line by discouraging theft. Contact our commercial sector at Experience Audio Video Inc. to have high-quality security cameras installed in your business. The best way you can stop crime in your workplace is by making moves toward boosting security through technology.







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