Most people don’t think of robberies of their bar or restaurant and may neglect adequate coverage of security systems. However, your bar or restaurant still needs security cameras to protect your business from significant losses from often ignored methods. Reduce loss and improve your restaurant’s security with the installation of cameras in strategic places.

Reduce Slip-and-Fall Accident Liability

Since 1980, lawsuits around slip-and-fall accidents have soared more than 300%. In some cases, these lawsuits are genuinely due to the fault of the location they occurred in. However, too often, people try to fake such incidents, hoping that they can get a payout because the business does not have proof that it was not at fault.

You need video evidence of the incident to prove exactly what happened in cases of lawsuits or insurance payouts. Security footage can be the difference between winning or losing a lawsuit. Putting cameras around the dining area and in the kitchen can help to protect you from liability in these cases.

Prevent Employee Theft

You need to have cameras in the manager’s office, the bar, and at any registers around the restaurant. Employees are frequent sources of theft of cash from tills and tips. Even a few dollars will add up over time to major losses. Plus, an employee who steals may spread a culture of discontent within your staff. Stop the problem by getting evidence of the theft and using it to discipline the worker.

Stopping Time Theft

Another way that workers at restaurants may steal from your business is by not working their full shifts. They may have another employee clock in for them when they are not on the property. This practice means that you are paying workers for not showing up. This type of time theft requires more than word-of-mouth evidence. With security cameras at the entrances and exits, including the employee entrance, you can see exactly when workers arrive and leave.

Protect Your Restaurant’s Assets with Security Cameras Installed by Experience Audio Video Inc.

If your bar or restaurant doesn’t have security cameras, you are putting your business at high risk for loss from lawsuits or employee theft. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. in Orange County to have professional cameras installed to capture digital footage of your restaurant and get the evidence you need for reducing your risk.





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