Conference Room

Unproductive meetings drain workers of motivation and job satisfaction. Even worse, bad time management during meetings keeps workers from focusing on tasks that require uninterrupted quiet. With 71% of senior managers reporting that meetings are inefficient and unproductive, you must make major changes to get more from your conference time. The best way to start is to optimize your conference room for better productivity.

Climate Controls to Maintain Focus

When a room feels too hot or too cold, people inside can lose focus as they try to think of ways to become more comfortable. Automatic climate controls that maintain the temperature inside the meeting space reduce the chances of distractions caused by discomfort. Plus, with systems connected to simple controls, you can make adjustments to the setting for the meeting room quickly, if necessary.

Quick Connect Flip Tops to Save Set-Up Time

Time spent finding connections for laptops to the projection or audio system wastes precious time in the meeting. Flip tops are connection sites located right on the conference table. These hubs have multiple options for connections, including ethernet, audio, video, and power.

If you want to allow multiple devices to charge during a meeting without using extension cords, you can choose to have several power flip tops integrated into the table. These options make setting up laptops for presenters and participants fast and simple.

Professionally Installed Audio and Video that Will Work When You Need It In Your Conference Room

Don’t try to install the projectors, screens, and audio in your conference room yourself. Professional installation ensures that everything is properly put into place, powered, and connected correctly. This professional installation also can come with setting up remote controls for audio and video systems to make operating these key components of meeting spaces simple.

Make Meetings Productive Again with Upgrades to Your Conference Room from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Your business needs to trust a company with a record of success in installing high-tech solutions for conference room productivity. Experience Audio Video Inc. has more than 20 years of installing equipment into commercial buildings and homes in the Southern California region. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions have for your conference room.







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