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If you think that all your workers will return to the office in 2022, you may need to reassess your prediction. In 2022, 90% of employers reported allowing hybrid working for their employees in knowledge-based positions. This would allow them to split their working hours during the week between their home and the office. By having part of your workforce at home, video conferencing will still be a requirement, hence, you’ll need to consider upgrading your conference audio and video equipment if you haven’t already.

Benefits of Upgraded Conference Audio and Video Equipment for Hybrid Offices

In a hybrid office, there will be days when you have workers at home with whom you need to meet. Having high quality A/V equipment in your conference room ensures that your meetings with remote workers will be clearly heard and understood. Plus, your in-office workers can easily collaborate with their colleagues through the conference room A/V system instead of relying on their personal or company laptops.

Perks of Upgraded Conference Audio and Video Equipment for Traditional Offices

The need to upgrade your conference room to high definition video displays and crystal clear sound is equally important for traditional offices. In today’s increasingly digital world, you need to have digital presentations to show your clients and workers. High-end A/V equipment in your conference room allows you to show the best possible version of your presentations, improving your communication abilities and showcasing your professionalism to clients.

A Future Investment in Your Office

When you want to invest in your office for future changes, integrating better conference audio and video is a good start. Changes in work habits will increasingly make remote work more desirable for employees. But you will still need to see and hear them as clearly during meetings as if they were in person. Better A/V equipment for your conference room is one way to invest in a workplace that will adapt to future changes.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to Upgrade Your Conference Audio and Video for Your Return to a Hybrid or Traditional Office

Both traditional and hybrid offices will have people working in-person. Connect them with each other and with those working outside the office through video conferencing. To get the best clarity, you should upgrade to better conference audio and video equipment for your workplace. Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to start the process of improving communications in your post-pandemic office.




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