Digital Signs

Most fast food restaurants equipment their counter service areas and drive throughs with digital menu boards. However, this is not the only use for digital signs at a restaurant. Quick serve, fast food, and sit-down restaurants can benefit from digital signs to advertise their social media accounts and specials.

Social Media and Restaurant Digital Signs

Give your guests links to your social media accounts while on site. They can make and read reviews and interact with your brand while waiting for their food or table. When diners can see your social media in your restaurant, including reviews, it shows that you are transparent about the experience of others. This transparency may help your staff to focus on providing the best service possible because reviews may appear on the social media displays on digital signs in real time.

Build Excitement for Diners Awaiting Tables

In sit-down restaurants, most places have a chalkboard with the special of the day. Instead of this handwritten board that may be difficult to see, replace it with a digital sign that can show off the specials based on time of day. You can effortlessly change the information to show off lunch, Happy Hour, or dinner specials with a preprogramed calendar.

Create a Positive First Impression

No matter the type of food you serve, first impressions make a difference in diners’ experiences. You want them to feel good about choosing your dining site when they walk inside. With digital signs, you set the tone of the experience with the display. Make sure to know your guests and show off the type of images they want to see. For instance, you may show images that promote your speed and specials at lunchtime when business people come in for fast lunches. At dinner, show off nightly specials or drinks to help guests relax.

Set Up Digital Signs in Your Restaurant with the Experts from Experience Audio Video Inc.

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