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Your conference room technology needs to be future-focused to ensure that your investment in it today won’t become an outdated waste in a year or two. The pandemic showed that office spaces must be flexible for sudden shifts to remote and hybrid working. As more offices offer remote working, at least part time, as an option, you need to have a conference room that will adapt to this trend.

Time-Saving Equipment

Today, up to 15% of the time in meetings goes toward setup of equipment for the session. Why keep wasting this much time when you can accomplish more during your conferences? Having equipment that quickly connects to computers, such as flip tops embedded in tables and other technological innovations to speed up the start of meetings.

One high-tech example of time-saving equipment is lighting settings connected to window shades. If your meeting room has a window that lets in sunlight, not having a cover for the window could produce a glare on your screen or cause distractions. With programmable lighting and window shades, you can set up a darkened space with the touch of a button that both dims the lights and lowers window shades. Instead of taking the time to manually close shades and turn off lights, you can accomplish the task in seconds.

Crystal Clear Displays in Your Conference Room

The clarity of conference room displays need to be crystal clear. All participants in the meeting must be able to see everything on the screen from any angle. LED projectors have become more affordable than they were in the past and produce clear displays from long-lasting equipment. Though the bulbs cost more to replace than standard projector bulbs, they last longer, making your investment a wiser choice for long-term use.

Crisp Audio

You never should have people unable to hear everything in the meeting room clearly. Poor audio wastes time. Good speakers are only part of having quality conference room audio, though. You must also have them placed strategically to ensure that every participant can hear the sound from them clearly.

Entrust the Future of Your Conference Room to the Technology Installed by Experience Audio Video Inc.

If your office is in Southern California, trust the experts in conference room technology at Experience Audio Video Inc. to upgrade your meeting space into a productive, future-focused collaboration zone. We have decades of work in the A/V installation business for commercial and residential customers. Contact us today to begin your meeting room upgrade.




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