Reducing lighting in your office makes a major difference in overall operating costs for the building, and your rent or utility bills. Up to 19% of the cost of operating an office building goes toward electricity, and of the electricity costs, up to 35% goes toward outdoor and indoor lighting. With lighting controls, you take charge over how much you spend. You’ll gain savings on your bills and improvements in worker comfort.

Lighting Controls Eliminate Wasteful Forgetfulness

By installing lighting controls on your office lights, you can set the system turn off lights after business hours. With these controls, you don’t need to rely on employees or others who may forget to turn off the lights when they leave. In fact, with some lighting control options, you can turn them on or off remotely from an app.

Lighting Controls Save Money

Changing the type of lighting and how you control it can return major savings to you. First, you should consider upgrading from fluorescent lights to LED lights. Though the latter cost more, they last much longer and use much less energy. Additionally, consider installing occupancy sensors to turn off lights when rooms are empty or use lighting controls based on schedules to shut off lights automatically. With these changes, you could see a 50% to 70% savings on lighting costs. Even if you only add wireless control to your lights, you can still render major savings on electricity.

Better Lighting Improves Comfort for Workers

In meetings, workers need lower lighting levels to see screens or their laptops. Lighting controls let you change the brightness in a conference room at the touch of a button. You make your meeting participants more comfortable and don’t waste time adjusting the lighting before getting a meeting started.

Make Your Office More Efficient with Lighting Controls from Experience Audio Video Inc.

At Experience Audio Video Inc., we specialize in all types of automation, not just audio and video. We can install the lighting control you need to take charge of how much you spend on lighting your office. Contact us now to get started on your customized controls for your building’s lighting systems.




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