Modern offices may have open spaces for impromptu collaboration with others, but some types of meetings require privacy for discussing proprietary topics or to allow for better concentration. Enter huddle spaces or private enclaves, one of the newest trends for post-pandemic offices.

What Are Huddle Spaces?

As offices bring people back after pandemic remote working, some places are allowing hybrid work with employees allowed to work remotely. Other offices are bringing a homey atmosphere into the office, adding couches, warmer colors, and leisure spaces. Part of the changing office layout is turning large conference rooms into smaller private enclaves or huddle spaces.

Huddle spaces, or private enclaves, have just enough space for very small groups of half a dozen people to discuss ideas. These tiny areas are still comfortable for sitting and have technology connections for laptops.

The smaller spaces for meetings show that not everyone participating has to be in the room. With remote working increasing in popularity in offices around the country, smaller private enclaves for in-office and remote workers to meet will also increase in use. 

Better Connectivity for Video Participation

Within huddle spaces, improvements to connections may include adding ethernet cables and ports for hardwire connections that are more stable and secure than wifi. Additionally, these spaces may have separate microphones and cameras for capturing audio and video outside of individual participants’ laptops. Using separate equipment frees memory on the laptops to allow the participants to use them for taking notes or interacting with programs.

Getting professional installation of these audio and video connections will help to make these spaces more productive.

Collaboration Spaces for the Future

The future of office work will include open office design plans that have smaller spaces for workers to connect in groups. Smaller huddle spaces will still have to be just as technologically advanced as larger conference rooms due to the demands of remote video conferencing.

Create Huddle Spaces to Boost Productivity in Your Office

Whether you have a traditional or hybrid office, you should consider integrating smaller, private huddle spaces throughout for group collaboration. These rooms take up less space, allowing for employees to have more creature comforts in other parts of the office. To get the technological side of the private enclaves installed, contact our commercial side at Experience Audio Video Inc.



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