As good as laptop technology is, the cameras, speakers, and microphones natively installed on these computers leave a lot to be desired. In fact, many people who create professional-grade videos opt for separate microphones and cameras to capture better audio and video quality. Do the same in your meeting rooms to enhance your company’s professionalism, reduce wear on company-owned laptops, and improve meeting participants’ ability to hear and see everything.

Boost Professionalism

Poor audio and video during meetings present negative impressions of your company. You should always put your best impression forward, especially when conducting remote meetings with clients. To do so, you should ensure that every meeting participant uses a microphone to capture the clearest audio and cameras for crystal-clear images.

Laptop computers typically don’t have professional-caliber microphones. So, you should encourage your employees to use standalone microphones when participating in conferences in your meeting rooms. These better microphones will also help everyone to hear better without crackling, popping, or other sound problems inherent with lower-quality mics.

Reduce Laptop Wear

Laptops that use online meeting software to connect with remote meeting participants may put their computers under undue strain, especially if they have to use other programs during the meeting. For workers with company laptops, the extra stress on their laptops could become more strain on your IT department that has to address the problems.

Let workers use other programs on their laptops without connecting remotely to a meeting through their computers. In the meeting spaces with separate mics and cameras, they can interact with the meeting and remote participants while minimizing memory use on their laptops.

Improve Meeting Participants’ Ability to See and Hear

Lastly, everyone in meetings deserves to fully participate. To do so, they need to hear and see everything clearly. Laptop audio tends to not be very good, with low volume and quality. Using professional microphones in the meeting and high-quality speakers in the meeting room gives everyone a better experience of the connected conference. Let experts set up and install your audio and video conference room equipment to maximize the benefits you get from the professional-grade gear.

Have Commercial-Grade Audio and Video Equipment Installed in Your Meeting Rooms

In Southern California, contact our commercial installation services at Experience Audio Video Inc. for top-quality audio and video equipment for your meeting rooms. We have served the area for years, providing brand-name, commercial-quality equipment and installation in meeting rooms and other commercial spaces. Let us know how you want to upgrade your company’s conference rooms, and we’ll show you how we can help.




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