8 Most Commonly Used AV Components For A Conference Room

Have you thought of hosting a conference for your business? But, you cannot choose any roof for this event. Although the room is spacious and accommodates several guests, there are some other important things. The most significant thing is that your dedicated conference room needs audiovisual components for a proper setup. Without AV systems, you cannot make your event successful. A conference room is a space where you interact with your clients, business partners, and employees. It is essential to show professionalism and retain a good image. Thus, what are the most commonly used conference room audiovisual components? We have created a list of them.

8 best conference room audiovisual components

You should use these AV components for your event.

Speakers and microphones

Speakers and microphones are the most valuable AV components in a conference room. They are available in different models like on-table and in-ceiling. Sound bars can also be fitted to the underside of the display. Moreover, they are the best solution for your space constraints.

Based on the available space and the purpose of using the room, your professional AV integration service providers will choose the right microphones.

The choice of speakers and microphones makes a difference in the feelings of your guests. The proper setup will minimize the echo and other surrounding noises.  

Control panel

It refers to the control center for your conference room’s AV system. To make the best use of your conference hall, you have to choose a highly intuitive control panel. The UI of the panel should be easy to use for every user. Ensure that your employees will be able to connect to your video calling session after entering the conference room. The best panels let you switch from video conference to screen sharing mode with a single click.

The perfectly programmed conference rooms work with any equipment, including microphones, displays, cameras, and speakers. Moreover, the panels also help you in adjusting the lighting.

Interactive whiteboard

A whiteboard is one of the commonly used components in a corporate environment. Surely, you can find it in a properly set-up conference room. Interactive whiteboards are valuable displays that let you write on the space in different colors. Some video conferencing platforms give you an option for using the whiteboard when you are on a phone call. You can also share the whiteboard with other users. Make your conference session more interactive with the use of the best quality whiteboard.


The display is the visual component installed in the conference room, as it promotes collaboration with attendees who are in a distant location. You can share the screen from your device and view presentations. Several reputable electronic companies have developed high-tech displays to serve customers of varying needs. 

Today, 4K UHD has become the standard display technology. However, while choosing the display, you should focus on several other aspects. The content and bandwidth also affect the image quality.

In the case of a small conference room, you can choose single displays. But, organizations that have engaged several video-call users need to choose dual displays. There are also dual and tri displays available for business users.

Proper connectivity

As you have installed different devices in your conference room, connectivity is important for making those devices work together. While some businesses prefer wired connections, others look for wireless connectivity. It is better to have both of these options available to you. Both wireless and wired connectivity options have positive and negative sides. Choose the right one based on your personal preference.

Wireless connection makes your conference space clutter-free. There are also table inserts to hide the wires. You will get stable and high-quality solutions from these systems.

USB connectivity is essential for charging different devices. To avoid plugging in your device, you can choose wireless connectivity.


You may need to make a video call during your conference. Thus, the room needs to be fitted with a camera. With your low budget, you can choose a small camera. But, for a large conference, you need a more innovative and premium camera.

The viewing angle should be 180 degrees based on the furniture configuration in the room. The chairs and tables have to be close to your camera and display. In case of a narrow viewing angle, the closest audience will not be within the field of view.

A large conference hall needs pan-tilt-zoom cameras. You can talk to your AV partner to know about the available camera models.

Video conferencing software

Video conferencing trends are on the rise in the corporate world. Teams, Zooms, and other conferencing room solutions are available to you. Several platforms present you with Google and Outlook integrations for scheduling your conference. As you have chosen video calls and you need to make frequent calls, you should choose the most reliable software.

You can consult your AV partner to learn about the latest video conference technologies. 

Room scheduling

There are some opportunities outside the conference rooms. Touch screens for room scheduling present you with tools to make your scheduling task easier. You will be able to schedule multiple rooms for your business conference. The system is fitted to the wall outside every room. It will be easier for you to check the availability of rooms. For instance, you can see a scrolling calendar to find upcoming events. 

The room schedulers include LED and a touch panel display implemented outside rooms. When the room is reserved, the light becomes red. Passers-by can check the available space. There is also integrated software compatible with calendaring platforms.

We have made a list of the conference room audiovisual components. Without the right technology, no corporate event can be successful. Thus, you have to give importance to high quality AC systems for your business. Large organizations need to host a conference a number of times every year. There should be a seamless connection between devices. The flawless arrangement will enable you to build a relationship with attendees. Commercialaudiovideoinstallationorangecounty.com/ is the best destination where you can avail of the best AV systems for your conference.

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