The new year has come, which means it’s time to get your commercial office back in business. But when you look around, do you see employees who look like they are up to that task?

Boosting morale and efficiency after the holidays can be tough; people have been traveling, partying, celebrating, and generally not thinking about getting work done. That transition back can make things even worse if your facility isn’t designed to encourage and support everyone getting back to work.

How can you help ease your employees back into work while making sure that your clients are getting the attention they need? Try some of these easy upgrades to your commercial space to get your staff back into the swing of things.

  • Play music at reasonable volumes in open work areas to cut down on ambient noise and help relax and motivate employees.
  • Offer a huddle space that allows employees to get together away from their desks to strategize and brainstorm.
  • Place digital signage around the offices to share information with staff and to celebrate individual accomplishments, awards, or milestones.
  • Use digital scheduling to help employees reserve conference rooms and workspaces, and allow them to control elements like the thermostat and music when they are using them.
  • Allow employees to open or close blinds and windows throughout the office. Using motorized window coverings will let employees do so with the touch of a button, and can allow you to control which blinds can be open and when.
  • Make sure audio solutions in your conference room and throughout the office are allowing clear communication with employees or clients from elsewhere.
  • Help employees and clients feel safe at all times by installing security cameras in your facility, particularly in dark areas like parking garages or hallways.



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