A conference room is one of the essential elements in an efficient workspace. It becomes a hub for gathering employees to share relevant information, and is necessary for confidentiality purposes and privacy needs, both internal and external.

But when your commercial office’s conference room isn’t ready to perform to the standards you require, it’s time to think about where you can improve.

If your conference room is ready for an upgrade, these are some ideal areas to start. You’ll boost collaboration and efficiency, and your team and clients will always feel prepared to go.

Chances are you have an off-site employee or contractor you’re working with at any given time. When that person isn’t in the office, how do you make sure the whole team can communicate and collaborate? Make sure your room is equipped with a viewable screen, speakers and microphones, and other necessary resources to make remote meetings more comfortable for everyone.

But it’s crucial that you can see the people you are working with if you hope to increase efficiency in the office. You’ll have a choice between flat screen displays or projectors, and ultimately your decision will depend on your budget, layout, and needs. A TV display screen can get more expensive the bigger it is, so is often best suited for smaller conference rooms. While a projector may be more cost-effective, if your conference room has windows, you run the risk of sunlight washing out your display.

Your audio equipment should also be designed to cut down on outside sound or ambient noise. It’s important that both ends can hear and speak to each other clearly, or you run the risk of mistakes or errors. For bigger rooms, locate multiple speakers close enough to seating areas as comfortable possible.

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