You may not be aware that one-tenth of property crimes take place in parking areas. One way to deter these incidents from happening in your business’s parking is to install security cameras for surveillance. With these cameras, you can track who comes and goes from the area and what happens while they are in the area.

Why Business Parking Safety Is Important

Customers and employees who use your parking areas need to feel that their property will be safe in the area. You should always install signs that indicate people park at their own risk and you are not responsible for losses. However, you should also take steps to make the area as safe and secure as possible.

If customers have their cars broken into while inside your business, they may not come back. Employees may feel unsafe and not want to return to work if their cars are stolen or have things removed from them. Therefore, while you may not be responsible for losses, you should take charge of security for the area.

Security Cameras Are Key for Safety

Security cameras are essential after reporting a crime. The police will likely use the footage to try to identify a suspect. In some cases, the public will also see that footage if the police need assistance with finding the person of interest. Therefore, you need to have cameras that produce the clearest images possible.

Security cameras may also prevent crime if people thinking of breaking into cars or stealing vehicles see them. Posting signs alerting potential criminals and those who use the parking area of the surveillance system can also help to direct attention to the cameras.

You Should Consider Additional Safety Features

While security cameras are important, they are not the only way to keep your parking areas safe. Make sure the area is well-lit. The lighting will help your cameras to record better images while reducing shadows where those with ill intentions can hide. Trimming trees and shrubs to reduce hiding spots can also help.

If possible, have gated entry and exit and fencing around the parking area to allow only employees and customers inside. Should you not be able to do this due to a public or shared lot, consider having a patrol or lot attendant keep an eye on the area during the day.

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