Employee theft remains a major problem for companies in 2021. While many stores closed temporarily during 2020 due to the pandemic, the problem of employee theft remained. In fact, during 2020, employees stole an average of 3.8% more than the previous year. Security cameras can prevent theft by letting employees know that they will be monitored and caught if they steal from the company.

What Security Cameras Can Do to Prevent Employee Theft

Even in businesses that don’t need to worry about shoplifting because they don’t have storefronts that customers browse still need to think about theft prevention. Employee theft can create a significant dent in profits. Therefore, having cameras to watch workers can save money over time, even after factoring in the cost of installing the hardware.

To ensure the cameras deter theft, let workers know that they are always monitored during working hours. Therefore, they will be less likely to try to steal from the company if they know they will appear on camera, which tightens a legal case against them.

Places Where You Cannot Put Security Cameras

There are some locations in your business where privacy laws prohibit camera monitoring. These include bathrooms, shower rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, and changing areas. Basically, anywhere someone has an expectation of privacy, you cannot put up cameras.

You should also use caution when directing cameras to look out windows or at other buildings. You cannot place security cameras where they could look into bedrooms, hotel rooms, bathrooms, or other locations where cameras are prohibited if you want to avoid legla problems.

Where You Should Install Security Cameras

For protecting your company against employee theft, place cameras in areas where such an event might occur. For instance, you could put cameras inside storage rooms or warehouse spaces. You may also place cameras on showroom floors or other retail areas to protect against customers who might shoplift. Make sure that you use them in areas where people will most likely feel tempted to steal to provide the greatest impact.

Keep Your Business Profitable by Preventing Employee Theft with Security Cameras

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