Everyone in your conference room should be able to hear clearly. However, some factors of your audio and room design can cause problems with the sound quality. In fact, up to 81% of people surveyed regarded perfect audio and the deciding factor in meeting a success for virtual meetings. Audio quality will also be important for your in-person meeting successes when you return to collaborating in the conference room. Therefore, you should consider upgrading your meeting room audio system if you notice any of the following issues.

Echoing in the Room from Furnishings

An echoey meeting room typically comes from a combination of poor audio and the furnishings in the space. If you have multiple surfaces that allow sound to bounce off them, such as a stone meeting table, whiteboard, windows, and hard chairs, you will have more audio problems. A sound designer can help you to improve the sound quality through better audio equipment and by adding acoustical tiles, carpeting, and other sound-dampening measures.

Poor Speaker Arrangement Leads to Echoing or Poor Sound Quality

Another way to fix echoing in the room is through better speakers with correct placement. The participants should sit between pairs of speakers, so the combination of the sounds meets at the table. This arrangement reduces echoing but may also need additional means of sound control to make the audio even clearer.

Old Equipment Negatively Affects Audio Quality

As audio equipment ages, it wears out to no longer transmit sound as well. Plus, with the introduction of newer sound technologies, people become exposed to sharp sound quality in their daily lives and expect no less from their office conference room. If you have older microphones, speakers, or other sound equipment in your meeting room, upgrade today for better, sharper sound, and stop hearing workers asking speakers to talk louder, repeat what they said, or speak more clearly.

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