As of September, 2021, many companies are bringing workers back from more than a year of remote work. Others, are putting off the date for a full return to the office. For instance, Google announced at the end of August, 2021, that it would delay its date for office returns to January 10, 2022. Whether your company has its full workforce back at the office or a steady trickling in of employees returning from remote work, you should consider your conference room. With more worker back in offices, conference rooms will return to their original use. Therefore, now is the best time to upgrade your tech.

Why Conference Room Upgrades Are Necessary

During 2020, many workers conducted meetings over their laptop computers from home. In many cases, they used headphones to get the clearest sound possible. Their internet connection determined the video quality of the conferences. While they may have become accustomed to lackluster meeting video and audio quality on their computers, they want to come back to an office where they don’t have to experience those types of low-resolution meetings.

When they return to the office, they expect better video and sound quality in the conference room than they experienced from their computers. If they cannot get this quality, they may not find a reason to attend meetings. Therefore, you want to check that you have the equipment necessary to deliver clear video and quality sound.

Types of Upgrades You May Want to Make

First, look at the sound and video technology that you use. Some conference rooms use projectors while others rely on television screens to show video. Whichever you use, make sure that it shows sharp images so employees can easily read slideshows, graphics, and other displays on the screen.

Audio needs to be crystal clear to ensure better comprehension from workers. They may not have a chance to ask the speaker to repeat a point. Therefore, you need audio that does not muffle voices or create echoes int the space.

Don’t Forget About Other Factors

Other factors to think about for your conference room upgrades include lighting and temperature control. These controls impact the comfort of meeting participants. Consequently, you should not neglect to consider upgrades to these when improving your conference room.

Connect with the Experts in Conference Room Technology for Advice

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