Most people know that security cameras are often used by law enforcement after a crime happens to gather evidence in finding the perpetrator. However, did you know that having cameras installed in your business can help to prevent theft? Discover how to make the most of your security cameras for preventing and tracing crimes.

Security Cameras and Preventing Theft

Using security cameras is one way to prevent theft. In fact, simply having the cameras installed can deter people tempted to steal from your business. Pointing out the cameras to visitors and employees ensures that everyone knows that what they do will remain on video.

However, you cannot use dummy cameras. These are easily spotted and don’t help to prevent theft or investigate crimes that do occur. Invest in real, commercial-grade security cameras to get the most from them.

Tips for Getting the Most from your Security Cameras

Make sure to pair your security cameras with other protective measures to reduce the incidence of theft in your business. For instance, while 95% of survey participants indicated that they did background checks on potential employees, what many forget to do is checks on vendors with access to their business. Make sure that you have vetted anyone with free reign through your company’s halls. This includes third-party cleaning crews, vendors, and others who may regularly come into your business.

Another way to improve your security camera protection is to install signage to alert individuals that their actions are filmed. These signs can deter crime because people may be less likely to steal if they think they will be seen and get caught in the act.

Lastly, have a way of recording camera footage or providing someone to monitor the camera feeds. Regularly watching the cameras provides a set of eyes around all areas of your business. This person can alert nearby security to stop the thief before they leave the premises. Recording footage gives you evidence to prove a crime took place.

Why Professional Installation of These Cameras Matters

Professional installation of security cameras is vital. Experts know the best locations in your business to install these cameras to minimize the space that remains unmonitored. Experts can also use the existing lighting in your business to determine the correct camera to get the best images. Don’t try to buy and install these cameras yourself. You will have better performance from the cameras with professional installation.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for Expert Installation of Security Cameras and More

Expert installation of the security cameras is important because the placement of the cameras can determine their effectiveness. For properly placed cameras that produce quality images, connect with us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We can help your business with security camera installation or any other audio or video needs that you might have.





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