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Smart retailers have long known that adding signs throughout their store to advertise targeted products can increase sales. However, the most tech savvy also know that digital signage at the checkout can also impact consumer awareness and buying trends. Find out how much your store benefit from digital signage and how to effectively use it.

How Digital Signage Impacts Purchases

A Nielsen survey of consumers found that digital signage had a positive correlation to brand awareness and sales. In the study, four-fifths of the brands advertised on digital screens at the checkout area raised their sales by up to 33%. Therefore, if you have new products, premium brands, or goods with high profit margins that you want to highlight to consumers, using digital signs can raise your sales of those products. Plus, 62% of consumers in the stores had positive reactions to the digital advertisements they saw.

Where to Place Digital Signs in Your Store

You can use digital signs anywhere in your store. The study looked at the effectiveness of such signs at the point of sale, but you can spread them around. Put a sign at the entrance to alert customers of sales and specials. Or place signs next to highlighted merchandise.

With digital signs, you can do more than with statice posters. With basic images, consumers only see one side of the advertised products. However, digital signs let you show video commercials and multiple views showing the perks of a specific product. These methods of advertising in your store makes the ad experience more interesting and eye-catching.

Unspecified Benefits of Digital Signage

What you may not appreciate about digital signs is the ease of changing their content. Unlike paper posters that require physical labor to install, move, and remove, you only need to connect to the signs in your store from a tablet or other device. Then, you can change the signs to whatever you want and indicate what each sign will display. This ease of use makes digital signs a labor-saving device for your workers, letting them focus on providing great customer service.

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