One thing that changed after the pandemic was an increased desire for workers to work remotely. While some moved farther from their workplaces during stay-at-home orders, others found a better work-life balance that allowed them to be better employees. Many offices today offer hybrid options that allow at least some remote working. In fact, virtual meetings have increased in usesince the return to offices. Therefore, you may need to up your conference room technology to adapt to meeting with remote workers from the office.

What Your Conference Room Needs for Virtual Meetings

If you have some of your employees in the office and others out of the office, your conference room meetings will look very different. Instead of having everyone physically in attendance, some will log in remotely to virtual meetings with the in-person attendees. You need to accommodate everyone in the meeting by upgrading your conference space’s technology.

Improve Screens

Whether you have a screen and projector or a touch-screen monitor, you may need to upgrade your technology to the clearest option available. Crystal-clear displays make remote participants feel like they’re right in the conference room.

With clearer, larger screens, participants won’t have to squint at their laptops to see something presented during the meeting. Everyone can see it clearly on the conference screen and use their laptops or tablets for note-taking or other uses.

Better Audio

Don’t let cracking, squealing, or muffled speakers and low-quality microphones ruin your meetings. Upgrade to the latest in quality sound speakers and mics to give everyone the chance to hear in-person and remote participants perfectly. You’ll save time and make your business look more professional when you have quality audio in your remote meetings.

Lighting Controls

Since most people in the room will be using their computers or tablets to take notes while interacting with a screen that shows the current speaker, you will need adaptable lighting controls. With settings that allow you to turn down lights for virtual meeting participation at the touch of a button, you’ll reduce the time you need to get your meetings started.

Connect with Experience Audio Video Inc. to Upgrade Your Conference Room for Remote Meetings

The future of remote meetings is clear. You need to prepare your office’s conference to optimize it for hybrid meetings that include both remote and in-person attendees. Get started with the highest quality AV equipment and more by contacting Experience Audio Video Inc.




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