Your full-service restaurant has to compete with screens daily. Why not use screens in your restaurant instead of fighting against them by implementing digital signs throughout your facility? Consider the following unexpected uses for digital displays that can improve operations and your bottom line.

Digital Signs Can Support Employee Training and Operations

Back-of-house workers can have training support through digital signage placed strategically in operations areas. These signs can remind them of safety and operations procedures. Interactive screens can give them instructions on specifics, such as ideal storage temperatures for certain foods, cooking temperatures for entrees, and plating samples. These can help new employees learn the ropes more quickly and accurately by providing them with a nearby reference to turn to whenever they have questions.

Waiting Area Signs to Promote Daily and Seasonal Specials

The pandemic changed many things in the restaurant industry. Among the most significant was the number of people ordering by phone or online and picking up their orders at the restaurant. Among those who had not gone to a site to pick up their order before April 2020, 53% reported choosing carryout options after that date.

Take advantage of the situation of people visiting your restaurant in person, even if they don’t dine in. Place digital signage in the waiting areas and online order pickup locations to promote seasonal and daily specials. These signs build brand awareness while enticing the visitor to return to try the advertised items. 

Build Brand Awareness with Digital Signs

Brand awareness is important because you want people to think about your restaurant by name when they want to go somewhere to eat or need to provide a recommendation to someone else. Digital signs let you display your restaurant’s name, coloring, logo, and voice to a large audience through your digital menus or signage. The more often customers see this information, the more they will remember your name and brand.

Serve Up Great Digital Signs with Help from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Upgrade your restaurant with digital signs throughout the facility, from the back of the house to the front. In Southern California, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to get top-quality digital signs, video displays, audio, and more for your restaurant. See for yourself how new digital screens make your restaurant operate more smoothly.



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