In the hospitality industry, the little things make a major difference. If you have a hotel conference room, you need to make sure the technology in it meets the high standards found in office meeting rooms. A study found that 77% of meeting planners in a survey reported a higher need for more interactive technology now than five years before. A low-tech meeting space that does not have the tools needed to communicate means that you can lose business travelers looking for places to host meetings.

Video Equipment for a Hotel Conference Room

The video in a hotel conference room is exceptionally important. With a need for interactive technology, clear video is more important than ever. Replace your meeting room’s upgrade to a new projector or digital screen to display the video aspect of meetings. Good quality video can make a difference in whether meeting planners choose your venue for future conferences. Make sure they have the video equipment they need to have great meetings and want to return.

Improved Audio for Hotel Meeting Spaces

Acoustics in the meeting room is more important than you might think. Among meeting planners surveyed, sound quality ranked second most important, only after availability of high-quality internet connectivity, as impacting the overall meeting experience. If you have an outdated audio system for your hotel conference room or event space, you won’t attract business as you need.

Upgrade to a clear audio system with professionally installed speakers and other components for quality sound throughout the space. Participants will have a better experience at the meeting, and the meeting planners will be more likely to request future events at your space.

Lighting Controls for Meeting Rooms

The small details matter in meeting rooms. With simple lighting controls operated by a remote or from a wall panel, the meeting can quickly change from darkened lighting for a video presentation to bright lights to illuminate a speaker at the touch of a button. Pre-programmed lighting settings reduce the time meetings need to make adjustments, allowing for smoother transitions, and better impressions of your facility.

Experience Audio Video Inc. Is Your Source for Hotel Conference Room Upgrades in Southern California

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