Physical security threats to businesses are increasing, not decreasing. A survey of security and business leaders found that 88% of them experienced rising security threats in their operations. Don’t keep your business, workers, or inventory unsecured. Installing security cameras is one part of a multifaceted security plan to protect your business and everything in it.

Security Cameras Throughout Your Business

First, you must make certain that you have clear surveillance of your entire property, inside and out. Professionally installed security cameras with remote monitoring via an app ensure that you can watch out for trouble before it develops. These cameras can also provide valuable evidence to police if something does happen. Employers have even used security cameras to settle disputes between workers or between customers and employees by reviewing what happened in the video.

Security Personnel to Respond to Issues

A security guard to patrol your business after hours is a good deterrent to crime. They can also carry a tablet and monitor security cameras on their patrol routes. If they see something on the camera, they will already be moving to respond to the issue faster than if they were sitting in a control room. By responding to suspicious people on the premises, they may prevent crimes from happening before they occur.

Use Secure Entry into Protected Areas

Card-readers to open electronic locks instead of key-operated locks allow only authorized personnel to enter certain areas of your business. This method is ideal to keep locations that hold private information secure. For example, in a medical office, the location that stores patient information needs protection from unauthorized personnel to reduce the chances of data breaches. High-priced inventory items may go in a special storage area behind a locked door to reduce the chances of employee theft.

Start Securing Your Business with Help from Experience Audio Video Inc. and Professionally Installed Security Cameras

Don’t leave your business unsecured any longer. Start your security plan by contacting us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to get commercial-grade security cameras professionally installed on your property. These cameras and other best practices for securing your property can reduce your chances of experiencing crimes on your property.




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