Facility-wide Intercom System: Worth the Investment?

If your business occupies older facilities or ones that weren’t purpose-built for what you do, it’s possible that your facilities aren’t equipped with a facilitywide intercom system. You can see a real use for one, so you’re stuck with a question: is a retrofit and install worth the investment?

And if you’re in the process of planning a new build, you may be facing a similar decision. Yes, it’s easier to include a facilitywide intercom system when planning from the ground up, but still: is it worth the investment?

At Experience Audio Video, we’ve helped numerous commercial clients through the calculus on decisions like this one, and we can help you, too. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether a facilitywide intercom system for your business is worth the investment.

Frequency and Urgency of Use

Consider first how frequently you’d use such a system (or, if you already have one in your current facility, how frequently you do use it right now). Some businesses use intercom features multiple times a day, and in that case it’s an obvious decision. Others use them quite infrequently or hardly ever use them, and for those businesses the benefit of having an intercom system may not be worth the investment.

Urgency of use is another factor. There are some businesses where having an intercom system is a matter of safety and security. In those situations, it doesn’t much matter how frequently the system is used. If it’s a matter of physical safety, your choice is clear.

Other Benefits to Your Business

Beyond frequency and urgency of use, consider what other benefits your business might realize with a facilitywide intercom system. Likely you can identify tasks that would be more efficient with one, and there may be a quality-of-work-life increase, as well.

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Audio Visual Solutions To Improve Commercial Office Communication

Is your commercial office missing something? Look around, do employees and customers look like they know where they’re going or who they need to speak to?

If not, it’s time to consider audio-visual solutions that will boost communication within your office walls and beyond. These are five ideas to get you started with a range of potential upgrades to make your facility more productive and professional.

1. Intercoms: It’s helpful to have a way for employees to receive information quickly without needing to answer a phone or check an email. Intercoms can help you get information out to anyone, immediately.

2. Video entry systems: If your commercial/health care office isn’t a storefront than you may be opening the door remotely each time someone arrives. But if you’re relying on sound rather than video, do you really know who will be walking through your door? With video entry systems you can see who is coming and be ready to welcome them when they arrive.

3. Boardroom and conference room displays: Some of your most important work is done in boardrooms and conference rooms, whether it’s hiring a new employee or presenting to a new client. The right audio setup and video display will help your conference room look and perform at the level you want.

4. Music and entertainment: Do you want your employees to feel better about the day? Or clients to feel happier while in your waiting area? Playing music throughout your facility is easy with the right setup, and can help bring new energy and productivity to everyone who walks through the doors.

5. Directional displays: There’s nothing worse for a client than getting stuck on the wrong floor when trying to make their way around your office. Display signs prominently located near elevators, stairways, and doors will help everyone get around smoothly.

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