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Turn Your Bar into a Sports Bar with Better TVs

Watching sports in bars or restaurants remains a popular option for many in America. If you want to bring people to your bar to watch big and small games, you need to have an audio and video system that will give your patrons the best views of the games. Upgrade to better bar TVs and audio to turn your place into a sports bar that draws crowds.


Why Upgrade Bar TVs

According to a Nielsen survey, 68% of Americans who watch sports on TV do so with others. People who go to bars or restaurants to watch sports accounted for 37.71% of those surveyed. Therefore, if you have a restaurant or bar, investing in better TVs for watching sports will appeal to a large group of people. To turn your venue into a gathering place for sports fans, start by upgrading your bar TVs. With high-definition televisions, you patrons can see their favorite sports with other fans with the best image possible.


Bar TV Upgrade Options

You may want to increase the number of televisions around your bar to offer multiple channels of sports. This option gives your patrons control over what they watch, letting them choose from soccer or baseball, depending on the sports channels you subscribe to. Since Southern California has a multicultural population, you will want to provide as many sports options as possible to appeal to a variety of tastes.


Don’t Try to Set Up Multiple Bar TVs Alone

If you want to upgrade your bar’s audio and video system, don’t tackle the work alone. There is a lot more coordination with the cables, power cords, and more behind the scenes than most people appreciate. Plus, connecting the bar TVs to your audio system also requires expertise. Therefore, you should trust professional audio and video installers. Professional installation ensures that the TVs will work properly and connect to your streaming or cable services.


Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to Upgrade Your Bar TVs

At Experience Audio Video Inc., we can help you to choose bar TVs that provide the clearest pictures and install them. We have more than two decades of experience providing Orange County businesses with high-quality audio, video, lighting, and more. Contact us today for information on how you can get better TVs. With improved screens, you can draw more people into your facility for watching sports and other live events.





Got TVs in Your Facility? Here's Why a Head-End System Makes Sense

Does your business have multiple TVs throughout one or more of its facilities, TVs that are for customer use? If so, you should be running content to those TVs using a head-end system. Head-end systems powered by DirecTV are one of the technology solutions Experience Audio Video offers, so we want to help you understand why and when a head-end system might make sense for your business.

What Is a Head-End System?

Generally speaking, a head-end system is a means of receiving and distributing either cable or satellite TV signals (along with FM radio signals, if desired). The technologies differ for cable and satellite, but the general principle is the same.

In both types, content feeds from the cable or satellite distributor into a central unit (the head-end unit) and is distributed to many TVs throughout a building. Using a head-end system, many televisions can independently access pay TV channels without configuring each connection independently.

Common Uses for Head-End Systems

Head-end systems are commonly used in environments with lots of TVs, unsurprisingly. These include businesses in the hospitality and healthcare industries, educational institutions, and in some situations multi-unit housing (like a large apartment complex). Really, any business with multiple TVs in multiple spaces can benefit from this technology.

Why a Head-End System Makes Sense

The main benefit of a head-end system is simplicity. A 300-room hotel doesn’t want to configure 300 independent cable connections. It doesn’t make financial or logistical sense for them or for the provider. Imagine a high-rise apartment building with 400 satellite dishes decorating one wall of the building.

If your business needs more than 2 or 3 independent feeds, then a head-end system could be the right choice. If you’re not sure, we can help you decide. Get in touch with us today!