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Upgrade Your Conference Room Displays Beyond Traditional Whiteboards

Your workers are likely already using video conferencing to engage in meetings. In fact, 78% of companies use video conferencing for meetings. If your conference room still relies on a whiteboard that constantly needs new supplies of dry-erase markers, you’re behind the times. It’s time to upgrade your conference room for an era of video meetings that allow you to communicate with clients and employees anywhere in the world through high-tech digital video and sound.

Why You Should Toss Your Old Whiteboard

Your old whiteboard is likely gathering dust. Not many people use these during meetings aside from writing the names of guests on them. Plus, you need to buy regular supplies of board cleaner, dry erase markers, and erasers to use these boards. You also cannot use a dry erase whiteboard at the same time that you have the lights turned down to view a projector.

Whiteboards in your conference room can also cause problems because not everyone can see what is written on them clearly. The individuals who cannot make out the words on the board may be sitting too far away, the writer may be writing too small, the markers could be old and faded, or the colors could be too light to see under harsh conference room lighting. There are much better alternatives to whiteboards.

Equipment to Replace Your Old Whiteboard

You have multiple options to replace your conference room whiteboard. These upgrades will improve your meetings significantly by eliminating some of the reasons that people cannot see what the presenter puts onto the board.

You may consider installing an interactive whiteboard. These types of boards use an electric stylus to interact with the board, which has a connection to a computer. The stylus controls the computer the same as a mouse does. Therefore, the presenter can draw or write notes over images or document files displayed on the screen. Plus, they can open a program to allow them to draw with the stylus freehand if needed.

Another option is to use a notebook connected to a projector and use an online whiteboard app. These apps also let users share files. However, they are a better option for those who remotely log into video meetings because the apps often allow remote users to view and interact with them.

How Upgrading Your Conference Room Can Improve Productivity

Upgrading your conference room whiteboard to a modern alternative can reduce the time needed for meetings and make them more productive by ensuring that everyone can readily see the screen and the information on it. Plus, you will save money by never needing to buy markers or erasers for your conference room again.

Contact Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to Make Your Conference Room Upgrades

Your workers deserve the best in video options for their meetings. Contact us today at Experience Audio Video Inc. to find out more about the best types of replacements for a traditional whiteboard and to schedule installation of them. You could upgrade to an interactive whiteboard or use a computer connected to a projector with a whiteboard app. We can help you decide and professional install the equipment to bring your conference room into the 21st century.




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Interactive Presentation Screens and Other Options for Better Conference Video Experiences

Forget standing behind your computer to interact with the images on the projected screen. With modern interactive screen options, you can control everything while standing in front of the conference room. Better placement of the speaker ensures that people stay focused. Plus, you will have the ability to better interact with the presentation screen to get your point across.

Interactive Presentation Screens

You’ve probably seen interactive screens before. Many meteorologists use them to describe the upcoming weather. They may use their finger or a stylus to draw on the board to indicate moving weather patterns or to outline specific areas. Teachers also use these boards instead of plain whiteboards to create engaging presentations for their classes and to illustrate concepts to their students.

You can use this same technology as part of your conference video. By connecting your laptop to the screen, you can control your computer without leaving the front of the conference room. This way, you have a better presence during the meeting and can see everyone’s reactions clearly instead of hiding behind your laptop screen.

Camera Integration for Conference Room Video Meetings

If you want to turn your conference room into a video conference-ready space, integrate cameras into the screens to capture footage of meeting participants. In fact, by using video conferencing, you could increase productivity by up to 50%. By being able to remotely participate in meetings and collaborate with others, participants in video conferencing have an advantage over those who cannot attend these types of sessions.

Projectors for Large Meeting Rooms

If you have a very large meeting room, or a lecture hall, where an interactive screen will not be large enough, consider a projector. These deliver input from your laptop onto a large screen for viewing by many people. The projected image also does not come with the fatiguing blue light of a back-lit screen. Therefore, you may have better focus from participants.

Find Out More About Customized Conference Video Options from Experience Audio Video Inc.

You don’t have to rely on old technology for your conference room video. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to find out how to get the best meeting video possible with modern options that include projectors and much more. Bring your conferences into the 21st century with our help.





What Is An Interactive Whiteboard And How Will It Help Your Commercial Office?

A clear example of how modern technology has taken a concept and upgraded it to something more useful than ever imagined is the interactive whiteboard. 

There’s a reason chalk, and then dry-erase markers were useful everywhere from the classroom to the boardroom: they allowed for immediate, and visual, recording of shared ideas. 

An interactive whiteboard takes that capability into the digital age. With the ability to share written information, save it, and a whole host of other activities, the digital interactive whiteboard is now an essential element of a commercial office’s huddle rooms, conference rooms, and communal areas.

No More Fumbling With PowerPoints

An interactive whiteboard turns meetings into interactive events, where information can be accessed or shared at any given moment to bolster a point. 

Share With The Whole Team

You don’t need to send out PDFs of your PowerPoint presentation when offsite attendees can tune into the session itself. And you can easily send everything that was discussed to anyone you want.

Make It Easy On Clients

Trying to explain a concept to a customer in a short period of time can be hard on you both. An interactive whiteboard can help you show them what you’re talking about and how it relates to the situation at hand.

Touch Without Smear

An interactive whiteboard is also touch-operated so forget the smear of dry-erase markers. You can annotate the screen as much as you want, and your primary controls will remain at your fingertips. An onscreen touch-operated keyboard will help you say anything you want without the worry of bad handwriting, and “pens” will help you write in digital ink.




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